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Since 1977, Trombley & Hanes, P.A., and its trusted Tampa criminal defense lawyers have provided full-service state and federal legal defense strategies for individuals and businesses in Florida and throughout the U.S. — including those accused of tax fraud.

The United States employs a self-assessment tax system that requires accurate information reporting by taxpayers and tax preparers. Tax fraud is the intentional act of providing false information or manipulating financial records to evade paying taxes that one legally owes to the government.

The Government seeks to preserve the integrity of the U.S. tax system through criminal prosecutions that punish tax law violators and deter other persons who would violate those laws.  The Government aims to achieve maximum deterrence through broad, balanced, uniform criminal tax enforcement. Unlike the prosecution of more common criminal offenses, the target of a tax investigation faces not just the potential loss of liberty but significant financial penalties.

Trombley & Hanes provides insightful and practical advice bolstered by our intrepid team with over 110 years of combined skill and dynamic legal experience to produce actual results for your case.

Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer in Tampa

What are the Most Common Forms of Tax Fraud?

Typical forms of tax fraud include underreporting income, inflating deductions or expenses, hiding money in offshore accounts, engaging in identity theft to claim false refunds, and participating in fraudulent tax shelters.

Although conduct arising under the internal revenue laws is triggered by a defendant’s submission of a document or information, tax cases are often accompanied by money laudering, mail, wire, or bank fraud charges, either alone or as the predicate to a conspiracy charge.

What Are the Penalties for Tax Fraud?

Federal and State Authorities investigate individuals and businesses that commit tax offenses.

Any Government entity which collects taxes has a means by which to prosecute violations of tax laws. In the Federal system, the Attorney General has authorized the Tax Division to oversee all federal criminal tax enforcement and to authorize or decline investigations and prosecutions in tax matters.

The special agents of the IRS Criminal Investigation conduct administrative investigations into allegations of criminal violations arising under the internal revenue laws and related provisions and refer those cases to the Department of Justice or individual U.S. Attorneys for prosecution.  

Penalties for tax fraud can include substantial fines, criminal charges, and imprisonment. The severity of the penalties depends on factors such as the amount of money involved, the level of deception, and the individual’s or business’s prior history.

State and Federal tax code violations can be pursued civilly, criminally, or both. Tax investigations can often be complicated and layered, and every individual or business should only go through such an investigation with experienced and capable counsel.

Trombley & Hanes has represented many clients facing civil and criminal tax enforcement.  For example, we represented a large farming operation being investigated and accused of government program fraud, wire fraud, and tax offenses. The case involved parallel civil and criminal proceedings. We also have experience representing individuals charged with promoting an offshore tax avoidance program. Let us help you navigate the complex legal process associated with tax fraud, so you can face these charges confidently, knowing you have skilled legal representation leading the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Our Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys in Tampa, Florida

How is Tax Fraud Different from Tax Avoidance?

Tax fraud involves deliberately providing false information or engaging in deceptive practices to escape paying taxes. Tax avoidance is a broader term encompassing legal actions that minimize tax liability.

How Do State and Federal Authorities Detect Tax Fraud?

Tax authorities use various methods to detect tax fraud, including data matching, computer algorithms, informant tip-offs, audits, and investigations. They compare information reported on tax returns with data from other sources to identify discrepancies and pursue individuals and businesses through civil and criminal charges when they cannot reconcile the inconsistencies.

What are the Most Common Actions that Might Trigger Suspicion of Tax Fraud?

Common signs of tax fraud include significant discrepancies between a person or business’s reported income and lifestyle. This may include claims for deductions or credits, frequent use of offshore accounts, and consistently understating income. Each of these inconsistencies may trigger an investigation into tax fraud.

Can Tax Professionals Be Involved in Tax Fraud?

Yes. Tax professionals may engage in or facilitate tax fraud. Working with reputable and ethical tax advisors is essential to ensure compliance with tax laws and avoid triggering an investigation.

Can Innocent People Be Investigated for Tax Fraud?

Yes. To avoid unintentional tax fraud, keep accurate records, report all income, claim deductions and credits only for legitimate expenses, and seek advice from qualified tax professionals if you are unsure about your tax situation. If the IRS, DOJ, or Florida Department of Revenue is investigating you, contact our experienced tax fraud defense attorneys in Tampa before you speak with the investigating agency to ensure your legal rights and options are protected from the start.


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