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Most litigation in Florida courts is civil in nature, meaning it involves private rights. Unlike criminal prosecutions, which can result in loss of liberty, civil litigation typically leads to the award of monetary damages. A defendant in civil court isn’t “convicted” as they are in criminal court. Instead, they can only be “found liable,” and a lower burden of proof applies. Our civil litigation lawyers have represented clients facing off against businesses or even the government.

Civil Litigation involves disputes of civil or private rights. Typically, an individual, entity or organization will initiate a claim against a defendant alleging the defendant to have caused damage of some type and degree. The government can also bring claims through the civil or administrative process. A claim, called a complaint, is filed in court and requests a remedy, usually monetary relief. During the litigation phase the parties will engage in the discovery process so that each side can gain an understanding of the factual claims made by witnesses or documents and the defenses to those claims. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the matter will proceed to trial where the plaintiff is required to prove its claims by a preponderance of the evidence.

Civil disputes can quickly spiral out of control and consume considerable resources if not handled properly. We encourage anyone contemplating a lawsuit to meet with an experienced attorney at Trombley & Hanes today.

If you are involved in a dispute, please contact our firm. We can review whether your dispute is something we can handle.

Civil Litigation Challenges

Although defendants cannot be sent to prison, they must approach a case deliberately. There are many challenges our clients face, including the possibility of large damage awards being levied against them and possible loss of reputation if the dispute becomes public. We work closely with clients to better understand their objectives in the litigation, including whether they desire to settle the dispute outside of court.

Costs are a real concern in civil litigation. Most cases have a “discovery” phase which can last more than a year and requires intensive efforts to locate relevant information. In this day and age of email and digital communication, possibly hundreds of thousands of documents could be relevant to any dispute. All documents must be carefully reviewed and analyzed for possible claims of privilege before being turned over. Our attorneys work with clients to keep discovery costs as low as possible.

Any civil litigation also jeopardizes trade secrets, customer lists, and proprietary information. Although civil litigation does not result in criminal penalties, evidence unearthed in a civil suit could get passed on to the government and result in prosecution. Hiring an attorney who understands how to handle sensitive information is to your advantage.

Why Trombley & Hanes is the Right Choice

Our legal team has decades of combined experience tackling complex civil litigation. We can represent clients in alternative dispute resolution forums, such as arbitration, and negotiate settlements that protect our client’s rights. We are also not afraid to litigate cases all the way to trial to vindicate your position in the case.

Many complicated legal issues arise in civil litigation, including choice of law, forum shopping, and the scope of discovery. The law surrounding non-disclosure agreements has also become more complicated of late and can impact how clients settle a dispute.

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