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Since 1977, Trombley & Hanes, P.A., and its trusted Tampa government fraud defense lawyers have provided full-service state and federal legal defense strategies for individuals and businesses in Florida and throughout the U.S.

That includes protecting those being investigated for fraud against the U.S. government.

This is important because when investigating and prosecuting fraud against the government, federal U.S. Attorneys have full access to the power of agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, and Office of Inspector General. The command of these agencies can be intimidating, and their resources are extensive. Both are designed to overwhelm the accused to negotiate only what is best for the government.

Our Hillsborough County government fraud defense attorneys, provide our clients with insightful and practical advice bolstered by our intrepid team with over 110 years of combined skill and dynamic legal experience to protect their best interests throughout their legal journeys.

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Tampa Government Fraud Law

Fraud against the government costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year, and government agencies employ full-time investigators to uncover as much fraud as possible. Health care, education, and research fraud are some of the industries where fraud is most prevalent. At Trombley & Hanes, our Tampa government fraud lawyers represent clients accused of fraud or related offenses.

Several federal laws focus on the investigation and prosecution of various fraudulent schemes, and these laws have given United States Attorneys many weapons in their arsenals. Unfortunately, many innocent people can get caught up in fraud investigations and face serious penalties even though the evidence against them is quite weak. Please contact us today to learn more.

Why Am I Being Charged with Government Fraud?

One of the most common forms of government fraud includes allegations of fraudulent billing charges. This is often the result of investigators misinterpreting financial records or accounting errors that can be defended with the help of a skilled government fraud defense law firm.

Our law firm represents individuals and businesses accused of government fraud, including:

Our trusted government fraud defense attorneys represent individuals and companies being investigated for:

  • Bid rigging.
  • Bribery.
  • Charging for goods or services unrelated to the business.
  • Exposing military personnel to health risks.
  • False claims and statements.
  • Falsifying invoices and other fraudulent billing practices.
  • Kickbacks.
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud.
  • Misrepresenting a company as a minority-owned business in seeking a government contract.
  • Overbilling.
  • Procurement and contractor fraud.
  • Providing substandard products.
  • Social security fraud.

At Trombley & Hanes, our government fraud defense lawyers in Tampa know that when parties are charged with these crimes, they are often also accused of wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy. These charges can come with significant criminal and civil penalties, including extensive jail time.

If you are being investigated for government fraud, it is crucial that you contact our skilled defense attorneys immediately. When our government fraud defense law firm gets involved early in the case, ideally at the investigative stage, we may be able to prevent the case from progressing to the prosecution stage.

What are Considered Illegal Kickbacks?

The federal government is concerned with the overuse of their government programs, and to that end, passed the Anti-Kickback Statute, found at 41 U.S.C. § 51 et seq. This law prohibits receiving or offering something of value (a “kickback”) in exchange for government service referrals.

Illegal kickbacks are a severe issue in the healthcare industry. Nursing homes, hospice services, and ambulance providers might offer or receive kickbacks from hospitals in exchange for referrals. Sometimes offering services at a steep discount constitutes a kickback. A conviction under the Anti-Kickback Statute carries up to five years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

The federal Stark Law also prohibits referrals for services where a doctor or a family member owns a share of the business. Consequently, a doctor cannot refer a patient to a rehabilitation clinic of which the doctor is a part-owner.

What is Considered Bribery of Government Officials?

Fraud sometimes includes bribing officials. Under 18 U.S.C. § 201, giving or receiving something of value to a government official with the intent of influencing an official act is illegal. Government officials are also prohibited from accepting a gratuity for official acts.

A bribery conviction can result in 15 years in prison and disqualification from holding office. A defendant might also need to pay back three times the money they received. So, an official who received a $250,000 bribe might need to pay back $750,000.

What are the Other Federal Laws Related to Government Fraud?

If the government suspects a fraudulent scheme, they have many tools in the toolbox for charging individuals:

A conviction under these statutes could result in loss of liberty and other repercussions. Where prosecutors lack evidence of a substantive offense like bribery, they might seek maximum penalties for false statements.

What are Civil False Claims?

Fraud is also a civil offense, and the government may bring civil actions to recoup money lost due to fraudulent schemes. The False Claims Act gives the government the power to seek penalties for anyone submitting a false claim to the government, including treble damages. The law also deputizes private citizens to bring claims on behalf of the government and keep a portion of the proceeds for themselves.

Our Attorneys Also Focus on the Following Areas:

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When facing government fraud charges and the potential consequences of a conviction, you need a skilled Tampa criminal defense lawyer from the beginning.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Our Government Fraud Defense Attorneys in Tampa, Florida

Which Agencies Investigate Government Fraud Defense?

Depending on the type of government fraud the agency is investigating, they may include, but is not limited to, one or more of the following white-collar crime investigation departments:

How Will I Know If I Am Being Investigated for Government Fraud?

In most cases, U.S. Government agencies investigating potentially fraudulent activity will invasively look into your personal, professional, and financial life. This may include conducting surveillance, interviewing friends, family, and business associates, appearing at your home or business, subpoenaing financial records, freezing bank accounts, or serving you with a target letter from a federal prosecutor or grand jury.

These letters, or other forms of direct contact, usually inform you that you are the target of an investigation and may also include your rights and advice to seek legal counsel.

What Should I Do Once I Know I Am the Target of a Government Fraud Investigation?

At Trombley & Hanes, our government fraud attorneys in Tampa know this is an overwhelming position, and we highly recommend that you speak with a trusted defense attorney right away. We can mitigate your risks by tightening the scope of their search warrants and subpoena records from the start. In addition, we will advise you of your legal rights and options so you never have to speak with an investigator without us.

You deserve to know where this investigation is going, and our skilled government fraud defense attorneys will help ensure that it is true while protecting your best interests from the moment we take your case.

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