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The growth of administrative agencies has shifted power from legislatures to often faceless government bureaucrats. This change has endangered the liberty of all citizens, who are often denied the protections offered by a neutral judge in a state or federal court. Indeed, administrative and regulatory agencies wield considerable power to penalize individuals and businesses, sometimes resulting in bankruptcy. Anyone facing an investigation should contact a Tampa administrative and regulatory actions lawyer as soon as possible.

At Trombley & Hanes, we understand the risks involved with regulatory and administrative investigations. We can help anyone with a dispute involving professional licensing or regulatory compliance.

Professional Licensing

Florida licenses many professions and investigates public complaints against licensed members. Any complaint or criminal conviction could jeopardize your license and ability to make a living. We can represent professionals in a variety of fields:

  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Law enforcement

Those seeking to apply for a state license might also benefit from discussing their situation with an attorney. Failure to disclose embarrassing information could itself be grounds for a licensing board to deny you.

Fact-Finding & Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are often necessary for a company to fully understand its legal exposure to a regulatory or criminal investigation. Digging through emails and meeting minutes to uncover “who knew what, when” is a vital step to protecting a company’s reputation and limiting its risk. Armed with this information, businesses can take proactive steps to disclose violations and put in place processes to prevent future violations.

When high-ranking officers have been accused of misconduct, the use of an outside law firm is essential to guard the legitimacy of the investigation. Government regulators might even require that outside counsel be used so that there is no hint of bias.

Regulatory Litigation & Proceedings

Administrative agencies are typically empowered to open investigations into suspected violations of existing regulations. These investigations are high risk. Based on what they find, the agency might seek sanctions and fines or, even worse, refer a matter to the Department of Justice for prosecution as a criminal matter.

Our clients benefit from expert legal counsel. There are many risks associated with revealing privileged attorney-client information or inadvertently disclosing trade secrets or other high-value information. Penalties can be so severe as to jeopardize the future of your business as an ongoing concern.

Rulemaking Proceedings

Before adopting new rules, many agencies accept public comment and pay particular attention to presentations made by existing businesses in the industry. We can help clients who want to make a presentation to an administrative or regulatory body regarding a proposed rule. Our clients sometimes want to propose new rules, amend existing rules, or defeat proposals altogether.

Contact Our Tampa Administrative & Regulatory Actions Lawyer

Regulatory compliance has increased in importance over the past decade and represents a key hazard companies should be aware of. If you have a concern regarding regulation, please contact Trombley & Hanes today. Our Tampa Administrative & Regulatory Actions Lawyers have experience helping individuals and businesses who work in a wide variety of industries. Call us to schedule a confidential meeting.

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