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Monthly Archives: August 2022


What To Know About The Right To Appeal In Florida Criminal Cases

By Trombley & Hanes |

When faced with any type of criminal charge, a defendant’s goal is to be acquitted or have charges dropped. Alternatively, they may seek a favorable plea agreement that is less harmful than a conviction. Sometimes, despite all efforts by the defendant and their legal team, they find themselves convicted of a crime. The question,… Read More »

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Organized Fraud Crimes In Florida, And How To Defend Against Charges

By Trombley & Hanes |

The rapid growth of technology and the ease of communication online has had many benefits, but has also led to a growth in criminal activity and online fraud. One way that Florida protects against widespread fraud is through Florida’s Organized Fraud statute. Under Florida Statutes, Sec. 817.034, anyone who “engages in a scheme to… Read More »

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Health Care Fraud Crimes In Florida

By Trombley & Hanes |

Health care fraud is an increasingly scrutinized criminal activity that invites constant attention from Federal and State prosecutors and regulatory agencies. When health care fraud makes the news, it is often in a big way, with defendants charged for collecting tens of millions in fraudulent profits and kickbacks. In 2007, the FBI established a… Read More »

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Bank Fraud Crimes And Potential Defenses

By Trombley & Hanes |

Bank fraud is usually thought of as something that happens among high-ranking white collar criminals in the financial industries – not something that occurs among everyday people among the general public. Technically, however, acts of bank fraud can be committed by anybody with any kind of access to a financial institution. Bank fraud happens… Read More »

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